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Originally Posted by SayAlt View Post
I'd really like to watch Doc try to land his 182 on a night during blue water ops with a pitching deck in bad Wx. Easy peezy, right doc?? You can do it, hotshot. No sweat. Heck, we should start calling you Maverick.
Looks like somebody already beat me to it! I don't recall hearing about this at all but obviously it was a long ago.

A South Vietnamese Air Force Officer Was Responsible for One of the Craziest Carrier Landings of All Time | The Tactical Air Network.

Video of the event:

Don't feel threatened, big guy Alt. I'd bet a lot of pros here wouldn't take my bird into a 1400 foot field. A little practice and they all could. It's a different skill. We can all be aviators, right?

Originally Posted by JamesNoBrakes View Post
If I'm not mistaken, he's kind of known for being an a-hole.

Didn't he also fly with a broken arm? Some of the stuff going on during those days isn't exactly what you'd want to brag about when you are concerned about safety...
Yeah - nobody likes him in real life, even his family. It is a shame because he is otherwise so legendary and I used to really look up to him as a kid. Often people's "feats" don't really align with expectations of their gallantry. RIP Neil Armstrong, but a lot of people have written that he was a jerk too.
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