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Originally Posted by FDXLAG View Post
Nope, right now as read I am probably a no on this contract. Would you agree that under the logic of some of the posters here the company could have 8 five week months and 3 four weeks months? Why haven't they?
I like 2 six week bid months instead of 4 five week bid months.
I like the 76 having 36 hours off in Campinas.
The retirement we did to ourselves.
I like the bonus cash split, much fairer than 2006.
I like the 4A2b paragraph.

Voting no will probably get us the same contract in a year with maybe a couple of percent more, and possibly a fix to retirement now that the clue bird has crapped on how big a hammer Fred has with the 260k cap.

All that said I will listen to the NC explain why they think this is the best we can get.
Then you can have it!!!! 36 hours off IS NOT worth head bobbing in the jumpseat of the 76 or spread across the seats with your feet in the ****ter, trying to sleep as the two at the controls carry a normal pass the time conversation...or WORSE STEP OVER you as you're curled up on the cockpit floor...the same cockpit floor where people were stepping in and out of the lav onto....

Yah...36 hours off makes THAT shtsandwich sooooo much better...Fool....

Bottom line, our cheap company tried to save money when ordering the 76, now WE have to pay for it, in that POS plane....
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