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You will know that you made the right decision when you retire at "65".

If you need to work after that than something may have gone wrong. (not sure of your age but none the less). Go to the interview and get a feel for SWA. Corporate is corporate. How much do you expect to make in a Hawker(that may not be the final road)? The retirement is sometimes not defined. At SWA they match dollar to dollar upto 7.3% of your salary. At $100,000.00 a year that is over $22,500 into your 401K (yourself adding to the max of course). Some corporate gigs will fund a 401K or other benefit plan but those are hard to find. (Especially ones that pay into the 401K at a decent rate. IMHO)

I did corporate for many years and if something happened at the airlines, I would go back. It is not all that bad. There are trade offs in every thing you do. I got sick of fighting over GPU's, chasing coffee pots, filing clearances, and waiting around for endless hours. That was my choice. Also you will find that in many corporate places once they find out that the costs are so high they tend to "farm" out the A/C to 135 operators to make up the dough. Which may mean that you are on call "24/7". Last month I had 17 days off (airline) beeper and no call from the company to come on in the office and straighten things up.... Now don't get me wrong, corporate can be a nice flying gig, you will usually fly nice equipment and have some great "vacations" but there are trade offs. Like the gent said earlier I would be a little cautious since this is a start-up. Go to the SWA interview and see how it goes. You have some time.

Further, people that don't really know much about SWA tend to focus on the fuel hedges. Saying that when the hedges run out we are going to get a paycut and all this doom and gloom. Is is possible? yes. Likely? who knows (I think NO). SWA is run by smart people, they have been doing this for years. There are many ways to compete in the airline industry, fuel cost is not the break point. As you may be aware, now that the other major airlines are showing a profit, unions are back knocking on managements door looking for some compensation for the cuts that they took (AA wants 30% raise). Who is going to pay for that?

Like I said earlier, you will know that you made the right decision when you turn 65.......Go with your gut.

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