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Originally Posted by Ricky5t View Post
Does star Marianas have a contract? I was looking to apply there but was just offered an aerial photography job. I'm just curious about their operation out there.
The contract is for 6 months, after which point you have the option to re-sign. Seems to be a solid gig for what it is. You start off doing tour flights in a 172 and graduate to the Saratoga once you meet 135 VFR mins (500 hours) and the pay goes up. They are expanding their fleet right now with more Navajos and 6's so there is hope for multi time once you do your time in the singles. I've done all the research I can and my plan is to simply go out there and go with the flow.

The maintenance seems to be good and the islands are beautiful and cheap. I bet its going to be awesome.

I'm heading out there in a week and will keep you guys updated on how it turns out.
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