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Originally Posted by viper548 View Post

I bet what they are trying to stop is pilots that get hired at an airline, complete training, then disappear until they are off first year pay and can hold a line while bumming in the guard/reserves.
I know that pizzes them off to no end, and I can't really blame them. It pizzes off civilian pilots who have to suck up that pilot's juniority while he's away dodging reserve and first year pay...especially since "that guy" usually brags about it to no end when he gets back. That last is not always the reality but it is often enough.

While I might be inclined to encourage people on an individual basis to avoid that practice, there's no way to give managers a legal tool with any sort of remote assurance that it would not be fact I'm highly confidant that it would be abused.

This needs to be defeated. The good news is that the airlines are probably the only business sector which really stands to benefit...the rest of corporate america will probably not want to go on record opposing military reservists for whatever slim benefit they might get.

I would advocate DoD issuing some guidance to commanding officers to help them balance needs of the service and the member vs. relations with the business community. Remember it's not ALL about that one dude who doesn't want to live on first year pay...his actions affect all the rest of us as well. Something to think about.
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