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The industry has to change and I think we are going to see a lot of change as the gene pool dries up in the next 10-15 years. They can only pull so many pilots out of the military and regionals. Last time I did a rough count, there were somewhere around 20,000 regional pilots and the amount of eligible ex-military and guard/reservists, although growing, is relatively small compared to the estimated 40,000+ airline pilots who are supposed to retire over the next 25 years just in this country alone (not to include growth and expansion of the pacific and middle-eastern airline industry). Have you seen Emirates pay scale? Yeah you have to live in Dubai, but as a single airline pilot, I can't see that absolutely sucking. With the extra cost and requirements of the new ATP, it's going to hard to recruit new pilots into the industry.

I know many guys who've played the Title 10 orders game. Good on them. Serving your country during the last decade's ops tempo isn't necessarily the "easy" way out doing your time on first year pay. It's not something I'd brag about. I think it's actually sad really. Yeah, there are guys who've worked the system, but there are plenty of those people in any workplace.
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