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Originally Posted by PolicyWonk View Post

Thanks FDXLAG.

This would not constitute much of a win if it is current practice.

I haven't explored this portion of the envelope. Are you sure it is current practice? I suspect you are right, by the way.

Raptor is inclined to think it's not bank dependant. I wonder if that's what constitutes the win? That this new benefit won't come out of our bank; deviator or non-deviator?

Although 2cylinderdriver wishes I'd asked the question elsewhere, I'm glad I asked it here. There are some really observant individuals on this forum.

The non-individuals also have a lot to add. And they add, and add, and add.
All things are generally bank dependent because if you don't have the bank you cant charge it. What is new is an ability to carry over some money from month to month. If you are a non commuter it would not surprise me to have zero in your bank, so the $40 fee would come out of your own pocket eventually.
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