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Originally Posted by FDXLAG View Post
All things are generally bank dependent because if you don't have the bank you cant charge it. What is new is an ability to carry over some money from month to month. If you are a non commuter it would not surprise me to have zero in your bank, so the $40 fee would come out of your own pocket eventually.
I don't read it that way. It's like airport departure fees. In fact, the seat selection fees and airport departure fees are side by side in this section of the contract. The company pays for them whether you deviate or not and airport departure fees don't come out of deviation bank. When you file a FOX report, go to out of pocket, scheduled expense, and you will find airport departure taxes, baggage, etc as available selections within the scheduled drop down.

Oddly, though, baggage fees aren't mentioned in this section of the TA. They are in section 5.A.7 when excess was crossed out. I guess it required less ink to put it in 5.A.7 than in section 8! They were added by FCIF some time back and are available as Scheduled expenses.

Some airlines are selling a package of services, like expedited screening lane, priority boarding, seat selection, bundled together. The TA is silent on this as the subheading says simply "seat selection fees".
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