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evidence was required to differentiate between those who use sick leave when they are sick, and those who use sick leave when they are not.
It appears a small group of sick leave abusers did change their behavior before the TA vote closed on 10 July. I suspect this decline is because the TA verification and records release requirements might have allowed Delta to distinguish them from pilots who were actually sick.
Let’s do the math:
Sick leave historically rises from June to July.
2012: 62,000 hours June to 68,000 hours July for a 9.6% increase. 2013: 65,000 to 68000: 4.6% increase
2014: 69000 to 78000: 13.4% increase
2015: 66000 to 62000: 6% decrease
Modifying sick leave behavior through reasonable verification methods permits this savings to be reallocated to the entire group, yet still fully protects the individual who needs 240+ hours of sick leave every year. By changing the verification rules, there is zero change to the actual legitimate sick leave benefit. We lose nothing for this, except the ability to call in sick when we are not.
Am I in favor of agreeing to rule changes just because Delta wants them changed? Absolutely not. But in this case we had leverage to obtain an early deal, and put money in our pockets in exchange for a system of greater accountability without loss of benefit.
DPA and the MEC “NO” voters actively campaigned against the new sick leave program.
Do DPA and the MEC “NO” voters think sick leave abuse by a small but growing group, which negatively impacts the remaining pilots, is not their problem? Do they not want to negotiate a solution that protects honest pilots while addressing this company concern, especially if this is Delta’s priority in Section 6? Are they unaware of the toxic environment this type of behavior, left unchecked will create, and that it is the pilots they claim and hope to represent who will pay the price? Or perhaps they do know, but have other more important issues, which I’ve touched on in my previous letters, to consider.
If elected I will support working with the company to protect those of us who are sick, while at the same time addressing sick leave abuse at Delta. I will support common sense negotiations with the company on their priorities, in order to obtain our priorities: increased pay and benefits; protection of our sick leave and disability benefits; protection of our work rules; enhanced job protections (scope); increased retirement pay and options. The RLA dictates we negotiate “in good faith”. There is no getting by that.
I support logical thinking and a collaborative, businesslike approach as long as Delta management is also willing to do so. And that is what you’ll get from me as one of your Captain reps.
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