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Originally Posted by mike734 View Post
Alaska had another great quarter. In the letter to employees Air Group CEO Brad Tilden included a paragraph about, "What's happening at Horizon Air." Here it is:
I would like to touch for a moment on whatís happening at Horizon Air. For those not following closely, we are looking at introducing 76-seat regional jets at Horizon. This is because 1) we believe these jets would be very popular with our customers; 2) they would help us fight the competition; and 3) they would provide a great opportunity for Horizon to grow. To make this work, we do need to be more cost competitive. Thatís the conversation that Horizon is having right now. Importantly, no one is being asked for a reduction in their hourly rate of pay, and our over-riding objective is to improve the efficiency and the growth profile of the company. I want to both thank and compliment Horizon President Dave Campbell for his leadership of this initiative, and I am hopeful it will come to a satisfactory close by the end of this year.
Sounds like they're asking current pilots at Horizon to fly the jets for the same pay rate as the Q400. Does anyone have additional information about these negotiations?

I think having pilots to staff said flying would help to ' fight the competition' as well. Minor details and what not.
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