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The 1200 hours in my opinion is not really "high." Compared to what the regionals are hiring at I guess they are. They went through a time when they were hiring guys with about 700-900 hours. There was a world of difference between those guys and guys that came in with 1200 plus. A few hundred hours more experience can make all the difference, especially flying the metro. Also, there is a lot of attrition in operations like Berry, they need guys that can upgrade. They do a lot of passenger ops and thus you must have 1500 hours to be PIC. Additionally last time I was in the know, you needed 2000tt for insurance. Waivers can be had but only if time in type is over about 300 or so. And one other factor is the Department of Defense has higher standards for their contractors that must be met. When I was a new Captain I had to fly with the same FO for a few months b/c he was the only one that, combined with me, met the crew requirements of the DoD. My advice, if your looking to spend 3 or 4 years with someone, Berry may not be that place. Especially if you have to PFT. Look at them again when you can walk in as a street captain. Much better proposition then.
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