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Originally Posted by RedeyeAV8r

...they are re-instituting profit sharing.
Not exactly. Or, at least not in the same form that was discontinued temporarily, and then permanently 7 years ago. The program proposed to take effect will only result in payments to employees if certain specific goals are met. THEY get to determine the goals. If the company falls short of the goals, there is NO payout. Not 95%, not 90%, not even 50% of the "profit sharing money" - - ZERO percent.

Under the old system, if the profits were high, the share was high, and if the profits were lower, the sharing was lower. Now it's all or nothing. Employees used to count on the profit sharing for nice Christmases. With this program, they should be prepared to receive from FedEx the same thing they've received, in terms of profit sharing, the past seven years: NOTHING.

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