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Default Commercial SEL/CFI training

My instrument ride is in 6 days, but I am already looking forward to the next step (commercial, CFI/II/MEI)

Here is the scoop. I have 135TT in airplanes and 25TT in gliders (160 hours total). My end goal is to get my commercial single, commercial multi, and CFI/II/MEI ratings. My plan is basically to build some time in a 172. Then I want to do my commercial single and CFI training while building up to 250hrs. When I hit 250, I want to take my commercial single ride, then take my CFI ride in a few days (having done the flight training while building up to 250hrs). Then off to ATP for their comm multi add on/II/MEI course for $4195.

Here are my questions.
How much flight training is usually required to get your commercial single engine?
Do you need to do your checkride in a complex aircraft, or just 10hrs of flight training is complex as required by the FAR's?
How much flight training is usually required to get your CFI (just initial)?

The reason I ask is because I would like to build up time from my current 160hrs before I call my instructor and ask him about starting commercial/CFI training. I would also like to use those 50-60 hours of time building to obtain my tailwheel endorsement, and maybe my commercial glider license.
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