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Originally Posted by skyskipper2 View Post
Hey guys just wanted some advice from the Amflight group. I've been working at a regional for a few years now and considering to make a move in order to build TPIC. What are the schedules typically like? Also, are there any new aircraft coming to the fleet? Thanks
Most schedules are out stationed based, meaning you will live in a small town during the day, and fly into the "hub" at night, then back out in the morning. Most of these runs will go Monday morning to Friday night, or Monday night to Saturday morning. Home during the day, gone at night. (Results vary HEAVILY dependent on the base)

As far as new airplanes, it looks like we will be expanding our brazilia fleet, I don't see any new types on their way.

Now that all being said, I would agree with the other folks, I personally would ride out the regional gig. But if you are dead set on getting some turboprop PIC time, I'm sure management would offer you a metro or 1900 spot right off the bat.
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