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I nominate the <<Brand X Regional>> FO who rode the jumpseat on my long flight to <<Hub>> the other day. If you were trying to impress us by dropping names of people you know at <<This Airline>>, telling tales of flight instructing ROTC cadets and serving as a crewmember aboard some high ranking guy’s transport aircraft, showing us your whiz bang new tablet (very similar to the ones we’ve been using) and using your vast aviation knowledge to help “diagnose” a system abnormality on our aircraft - which you have zero time in - well, you didn’t. All of that, though, was mildly and humorously tolerable. But when our aforementioned aircraft system abnormality progressed to the point where I needed to pull the QRH and read through and execute a procedure, continuing your incessant babbling crossed into the annoying regime. Dude, when I’m reading step three of a QRH checklist and verifying it with the other crewmember, I really don’t care what the hell your tablet is capable of doing and how cool it is to have your systems study guide and courseware on it. Catch a clue. Oh, by the way, I wasn’t the only one in the cockpit who thought that most of your comments and drivel smacked of “Man, I’m really cool! I can’t believe I haven’t been hired at <<This Airline>>.” If your aim really is to get on with <<This Airline>> or <<That Airline>>, you might want to rethink your approach and presence in the cockpit - and in general.
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