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Originally Posted by schone View Post
I know United tried some time ago in the past going to QRC and dumping the Memory items paradigm. I was wondering if that is still in use? Also, if it is, what and how does your airline go about that.... i.e do you keep a laminated copy in the plane or do you just keep a different type of paper readily accessible in your flight manual etc...?
QRC is still in use at UAL. There are a couple memory items still present that you do even before reference to the QRC, things like "Oxygen mask on 100%, crew communication establish" for a rapid d. Other than that it's all on the QRC, which is kept on the back side of the regular checklist in a holder on the glareshield.

I believe that research has shown that less mistakes are made when using a QRC versus straight memory items. I like it.
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