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"We should worry about the optimizer, not this LOA...

WTF is that?

What can we do about optimization except A) worry? B) call in sick/fatigued or C) b1tch? Are our NC imply that if we roll over and give milk on this the company will magically reducing the optimizer? Sorry--I don't buy it.

How about this? Why don't we worry about WHAT WE CAN CONTROL. Voting in a substandard LOA that WILL have our junior guys inversed for 30 days (+/- transit time...TBD)--and that is something we can prevent. If they make CAN the hub, then folks can bid it, or not bid it. If folks will eat $2000 out of pocket to live in CDG, then they can grab a couple trips and make another 2k or so the union seems to think is acceptable.

If we roll on STVs and this thing, then we'll be just as powerless against being inversed overseas as we are against the optimizer. Then our next NC chairman (who won't be Bob) can say "gee...why are complaining about wages--you ought to be worried about getting STV'd!"
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