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Originally Posted by CALPilotToo View Post
I have alot to complain about. Our contract and the pay rates suck. You guys are happy that we have 2-3 yr pilots holding CA but I see the underlining problem with our contract that we have 23 yr. FOs and 2-3 year CAs on this bid. I've got 17 yrs and am bidding out of the CA seat on this bid to the B777 FO seat just to have at least some resemblance of QOL. So enjoy that big fat pay raise and be sure and vote yes for what-ever the company shoves down our throats in 2009. Sorry, you don't get it.

I agree......I have 20 yrs. with CAL. Enjoy being a JUNIOR Captain boys. When the (pinch me I'm a Captain wears off) you will realize the mistake you made.
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