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Originally Posted by Expat87 View Post
Avianca isn´t based in Panama. I think they have maybe 1 or 2 flights to Panama a day. They´re a Colombian carrier with a majoity of ops out of BOG.

Not exactly correct anymore. Avianca was bought by a Brazilian and merged with TACA. The group own numerous franchises in Central and South America:

Wouldn't/Couldn't United or Delta use (presumably lower paid/lower cost) Avianca to add flights from Latin America to U.S cities instead of growing their own airlines? Seems like it can also be a bad thing for their pilots.


While ALPA has all the easily manipulated minds concentrating on Norwegian it's deals like these that are truly bad for the U.S. pilots. A 25 year seniority Avianca 787 Captain makes $7000-8000/month. His 3rd/4th year F.O. is on about $3000/month (those numbers may be lower with the fall in the Peso).

If a deal like this happens you can bet any future growth in Central and South America will go to the newly acquired entity.

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