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Originally Posted by Typhoonpilot View Post
Not exactly correct anymore. Avianca was bought by a Brazilian and merged with TACA. The group own numerous franchises in Central and South America:


While ALPA has all the easily manipulated minds concentrating on Norwegian it's deals like these that are truly bad for the U.S. pilots. A 25 year seniority Avianca 787 Captain makes $7000-8000/month. His 3rd/4th year F.O. is on about $3000/month (those numbers may be lower with the fall in the Peso).

If a deal like this happens you can bet any future growth in Central and South America will go to the newly acquired entity.

This is wrong. Our scope clause at United strictly prevents this from happening. Unless they wanted to buy the airline and run it seperately, they wouldnt even be allowed to do a codeshare according to the United Pilot Agreement.
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