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There is enough natural ssp and eventual DGI/"other" movement that displacements won't be likely. Maybe bids such as these with openings only in certain spots, but not displacements. That's why we have TDY's. I would not be surprised to see openings in all spots for 16-04 in the fall. This was listed as a move to expand NYC, and that's exactly what was done. If someone freaks out over just 1 vacancy only bid (not a single person willfully pushed out of a position) and upgrades from 4-5 months since hire date, they haven't been here long at all and don't see the bigger picture. Sorry if that's blunt, but folks who have been here a while can all say "this is just fine news" compared to some bids a few years ago. I would expect street captains at the end of the year or early 2017 at this rate of movement.
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