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Hello everyone,

Apparently since 2013 they've grown a little bit, and they'll keep doing it in the near future.

They're hiring in Climb350, both CA and FO. And I'd like to know if any of you have some information about the first officer quality of life and conditions nowadays.

They say no pay during training, and pay starts after checkride. First 6 months $12/h and after that $18/h.
"Pilots fly +65h/month", but not sure if there's a guarantee. Not a word about per diem, or CASS, MyIDTravel, and health insurance is "offered", so I understand it's not included unless you pay for it.

So I'd really really like to know if this is true or there are benefits hidden somewhere. Otherwise if you fly 65h one month you'd basically make $780 that month. Seriously?
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