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All is fine at .79
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Originally Posted by HwkrPlt View Post
Anyone know about these guys? They are looking for Excel PIC's and FO's.

The worst company ever!! I left a few months after being hired!!!! This company should be shut down.
This place is great if you want to work on your emergency procedures!
Cabin depressurization at FL450
Engine failure on taxiway,
landing gear issues, the list goes on and on...
Some of that is/was pilot know that....
They had pilots that had all the 'troubles' and they had pilots that never had any 'troubles'.

You just have to be realistic.
It's not the greatest company but it's not the worst either.
It's one of these places where you stay some time, gain the experience and move on.
Nobody said it's a place to retire, unless you're already 70.
It all boils down to expectations.
Maintenance was never unsafe. It was all done at Cessna Service Centers as the tails stay on the road.
If it's legal you were expected to go..bottom line.
My only complaint? Not enough flight time, 1000 in two years. Would have liked that to be 1500, color me purple and call me crazy.
If I got furloughed I'd go back without thinking twice about it.

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