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Originally Posted by frmrbuffdrvr View Post
Here is the actual text of the announcement. It reads to me that if you fulfill the requirements, you will be hired. Not just given an interview.

"In our continued effort to provide our flight crew members multiple career paths
that can be obtained through Ameriflight, we are extremely excited to announce
that we have entered a formal agreement with Omni Air International which will
provide a career path under which Ameriflight pilots can advance to a FAR Part
121 certificated air carrier of the high caliber of Omni Air International. Omni
operates an all Boeing fleet which is consists of 767 & 777 aircraft. They
operate domestic, international, scheduled and charter flights.
All current and incoming Ameriflight pilots are eligible for the program. Omni
plans on running 3-4 classes per year and we are working with them to provide
at least 1 qualified Ameriflight pilot per month. To qualify for the program you
 Have completed at least 18 months of employment at Ameriflight. Have
1250 hours PIC turbine at Ameriflight (1000 hrs in type rated
equipment). (Modifications to the hourly requirement may be granted to
Training Captains and/or Check Airmen with the approval of the Chief
 A letter of recommendation from the VP of Flight or Chief Pilot.
 Be in good standing with Ameriflight in regards to financial obligations
and/or agreements.
 Completed a satisfactory review by Omni of attendance, dependability,
reliability, training records and disciplinary action records.
 Meet all of Omni’s standard new-hire corporate employment provisions.
 Have participated in professional career development and programs as
provided by Omni Air International, including, but not limited to,
advanced Omni preparatory training, observation flights on the Omni
flight deck, and/or mentoring or coaching sessions provided by Omni
Any Ameriflight pilot interested in enrolling in the Omni Air International Career
Path Pilot Program should contact the us at [email protected].
The Chief Pilots Office will maintain a list of enrolled pilots and will provide
names to Omni on a “list seniority” basis along with the company’s ability to
release pilots."

And from what I was told by the DO, we have similar agreements coming soon with two other carriers. I haven't seen a formal announcement yet, so I won't say at this time who they are.
Are you saying that if you jump through more hoops, and take twice the time to be qualified as opposed to just going to a jet 121 regional, and never miss a day of work at AMF, and kiss everyones butt, then Omni might hire you? Maybe. And you might get in one of the 3-4 classes that they hold in a year, in seniority order?

Wow. Good for you guys.

Who in God's name WANTS to work for Omni? Their Captain pay is less, MUCH less than Southwest FO pay. Even JetBlue pays more.

Sounds like a game by management to keep you there longer before you figure our that if you want to work for a major airline, there is a 99% chance that the only way you will get there is to go to a regional.

If you want to work at Omni, or Southern, or Abex as a career goal, then go to AMF. If you want to work at United, American, Delta, UPS, FedEx, Southwest, JetBlue, or any other real airline, go to a regional.
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