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Originally Posted by AboveAndBeyond View Post
Are you saying that if you jump through more hoops, and take twice the time to be qualified as opposed to just going to a jet 121 regional, and never miss a day of work at AMF, and kiss everyones butt, then Omni might hire you? Maybe. And you might get in one of the 3-4 classes that they hold in a year, in seniority order?

Wow. Good for you guys.

Who in God's name WANTS to work for Omni? Their Captain pay is less, MUCH less than Southwest FO pay. Even JetBlue pays more.

Sounds like a game by management to keep you there longer before you figure our that if you want to work for a major airline, there is a 99% chance that the only way you will get there is to go to a regional.

If you want to work at Omni, or Southern, or Abex as a career goal, then go to AMF. If you want to work at United, American, Delta, UPS, FedEx, Southwest, JetBlue, or any other real airline, go to a regional.
Omni MIGHT hire you. AMF has to push you through so that allows lots of politics, same as the Allegiant deal. This is absolutely not a flow.

I know maybe 10 people at Atlas and I think 2 went there from freight. The rest were from regionals.
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