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Its hard to predict where any major carrier will be in the next few years. Prior to 9/11, you would never thought UAL, NWA, and DAL would all be in BK, laying off large amounts of people. If you would of told me that a few years ago that USAir would still be flying, I would of bet against you. Anyboby that knows the future is probably buying stock and making a killing doing it.

If your thinking of applying talk to pilots that work their, look at the contract and decide. No matter where you go its a gamble, except maybe cargo.
Know that you might be working under the current contract till 2010 or so. It always takes awhile to negiotiate a new contract.

I know of alot of UAL furloughees, I was one. Quite a few of my friends returned to UAL and are very happy. Others quit UAL upon final recall mainly due to QOL and pay. All the majors that furloughed are not going to see 100% of the furloughees return. Times have changed and the industry has changed, people are willing to except lower pay for QOL.
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