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Originally Posted by Xdashdriver View Post
I have the same perspective as the research indicates. Having spent several years as an airline simulator instructor, sim check airman and line check airman before and after the rule change, I noticed pilots coming from a structured program (but fewer hours) generally performed better through training than those who did not have a structured training program but did have lots of hours. The more relevant to flying from point A to point B in the IFR system the hours were, the better the student faired. Students with primarily a VFR background had a harder time.
That's fair enough, I'm not the biggest fan of the 1500 rule either. But the ability to fly in the IFR system isn't why Colgan 3407 crashed.

I think what's pretty obviously missing in this whole thing is quality of hours. Additional relevant training or experience should give rise to credit that can be used to reduce the 1500 limitation, even if you train through part 61.
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