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Default Unethical or illegal, payoff and favors

In another area of this board Ive followed a certain airline for some time as they were a competitor and I no longer sit behind the yoke.

At first I though it was people venting or blowing off steam, but the more I read the more it seems a legitimate case. After making a few phone calls it seem to be more fact than fiction. Also appears Alpa was notified in 2013 of possible wrong doings at this airline and there was no follow up or recourse.

This particular airline had contract negotiators and those off the merger team end up in management positions directly after things were signed. Others were given off line check capt positions as first officers. They are perhaps now one of the lower compensated pilot groups for their area of operations.

The Taft Hardly act makes this a felony if the bribe is over a 1000usd. However, I being management, can offer this person an over compensated position or that of higher compensation and it doesn't specifically violate the Labor Management relations ACT.

Not endorsing this practice and personally find it dishonorable. I would just like other opinions and/or knowledge of the law.
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