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Off topic question for current employees.
Used to be a flight attendant so had the packing down for 4 days at a time, but I imagine we're limited to what we can bring on the road since a pc-12 is considerably smaller then the jets I used to be on. My biggest concern is food/cooler. You guys use them? Is there a baggage limit for crew? (Can really only see rollerbag and cooler plus flight bag). That acceptable?

Just found great deal on nice cooler as mine is torn to shreds. Begin class in march! Looking forward to it!
Most people bring a normal 22-24" size rollerbag along with a smaller bag or backpack for laptop and misc stuff. Those that bring coolers usually have something that is small enough to fit under your seat in the cockpit. The one I have is collapsible and fits neatly behind my legs/under the seat. Your rollerbag and backpack will go in the rear baggage area below passenger luggage. Anything additional like a cooler or headset bag needs to go under your seat. When airlining you are allowed to check your bag as long as everything you need to fly is on your person (uniform, headset, documents) in case your luggage is lost. When I bring my cooler I use it for extra little snacks that I get at the hotel like fruit or yogurt. The only time I really go to the store to fill it up is when I've got an overnight trip to the Bahamas or one of the islands further south. Food is ridiculous expensive down there.
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