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Originally Posted by AlexBlakeCFI View Post
Awesome information! Thanks!
I have a few questions to expand on your information though. I was under the impression that you kind of went wherever the company needed you, and didn't know where you would end up or for how long. Is that not the case? Or is Bahamas flying typically different, giving you a foreknowledge of where you'll be for a few days.

Also, in regards to uniforms, what is the companies uniform policy? How many do they provide and/or is there an allowance?
Yes you go wherever they need you and everything is subject to change. That being said, we can view our current schedule online of what is currently booked. Many times you can see where they plan to leave you overnight and depending on what is scheduled you might be able to plan ahead. For example, if I look at my schedule and we have a whole day of flying and our last leg we are taking people down to Nassau, Bahamas. Then the day after that we are also taking people out of Nassau or some other place in the Bahamas, your chances of staying overnight are pretty good. I've had trips to the Caribbean where we were taking owners down and they were coming right back 2 days later. Unless it's super busy and they need the plane, if you are far enough south it doesn't make sense to repo the plane and crew all the way back to the states just to go back 2 days later. All of it can change obviously with scheduling needs or the plane breaking, but sometimes things work according to plan and we get some cool overnights in the islands.
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