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Originally Posted by VegasBoy
It might be comparing apples to purple oranges; however, I was hired at Gemini on the MD-11 and went through new hire training on it. It wasn't all that difficult and the airplane is a piece of cake to fly. Very transparent sytems and nice flying characteristics.

Some of the gouge stuff we had going through training was FedEx and UPS stuff. The MD-10/11 differences would be a pain but other than that, new hires should be able to handle it.

So, Mr. Smith, I'm ready for my class date. Please contact me at your convenience.
Nothing to do with how difficult rthe MD-11 training is. It is just that FedEx mgmt is doing this with disregard to the senority system. According to our contract will have to pay passover to those pilots senior that are not afforded same chance. Hope you get the chance to do it!
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