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Originally Posted by HerkDriver View Post
Reserve line next month. Slid vacation left 5 days and knocked out 4 days of reserve. Expanded left 3 more days and left the 48 hour buffer on the left side of my vacation. (The expansion and buffer hit 5 additional days of reserve). My question is this: When will the reserve days that conflict with my expansion & buffer be pulled out of my vacation bank? In other words, how long after the conflict input window closes will my calander reflect my updated schedule? Thanks.
Don't think it works that way ... been on reserve for the past 2.5 years. Here's what I "think" will happen. Lets say you have 7 vacation days? VIPS will allow you to "expand" (different than line holder expand) your vacation to an equilvalent value of R days. 7 vacation days usually expands to 10 R days (7 vacations days X 6 hrs/day = 42 hours/4.5 hrs per vacation day).

The futures scheduler will "rebuild" your line with the remaining R days. They may not necessarily be anywhere near the original R days, just the same number of days. You can ask for your R days where you want them (I've had good luck with this).

from the contract ...

3. Reserve Line Holder
a. A pilot shall receive a 48 hour duty free vacation buffer at each end of his vacation period provided that the buffer occurs in a bid period in which he is awarded a reserve line. A vacation buffer shall not extend outside the bid period(s) in which the vacation occurred. A vacation buffer shall not create a conflict with a trip that began in the previous bid period.
b. A reserve line holder's vacation credit hour bank shall be reduced by the R-day value for each day of vacation in the bid period.
c. If a reserve line holder's vacation period conflicts with a scheduled trip(s) or R-day(s), (e.g., carryover trip from the prior bid period, vacations spanning two bid periods) the pilot shall be removed from that trip(s) or R-day(s) and the following shall apply:
i. A conflict with an international duty free buffer (as provided in Section 12.D.1.d.) shall constitute a conflict with the trip protected by that buffer, and may not be waived.
ii. A pilot's vacation credit hour bank shall be reduced by the SCH of any trip(s) removed and/or the R-day credit hour value for any R-day(s) removed.
iii. A pilot may waive the vacation buffer during the Conflict Input Window to avoid a conflict with that buffer.
iv. A vacation buffer that touches a trip(s) or R-day is a conflict. A vacation buffer that touches an international buffer is not a conflict.
d. A reserve line awarded to a pilot with a scheduled vacation in the bid period shall be reconstructed as follows:
i. A pilot's reconstructed line shall contain the originally scheduled blocks of R-days that did not conflict with vacation (or the vacation buffer), unless the number of R-days in those block(s) plus the number of vacation days exceeds the number of R-days in the bid period, (i.e., the pilot's vacation conflicts with fewer R-days than the number of vacation days). In that case, the line shall be reconstructed preserving the greatest number of originally scheduled R-day blocks as possible.
ii. A pilot may enter preferences for reconstruction of his reserve line during the Conflict Input Window (as provided in Section 25.E.).
iii. A reserve line shall not be constructed with R-days in conflict with the vacation period or a vacation buffer.
iv. Days constituting a vacation buffer shall be scheduled days off on the reconstructed reserve line.

v. For purposes of Section 25.D.3. (Reserve Line construction), vacation days are considered R-days. Section 25.D.3.c. (mini-block R-days), shall not apply when reconstructing a reserve line for a pilot with vacation in the bid period.
vi. For purposes of determining RLG (as described in Section 4.C.), vacation days are considered R-days. Credit hours deducted from the pilot's vacation credit hour bank (as described in Section 7.G.3.b.) shall be credited toward the pilot's RLG.
vii. A reserve pilot's leveling position for the remainder of the bid period shall include an R-day value for each day of vacation beginning with his first R-day following his vacation.
viii. For purposes of minimum days off protection, vacation buffer days shall be considered days scheduled free from duty.
ix. If a pilot's reserve line is voluntarily converted, as provided in Section 25.D.4. (Conversion Lines), his converted line shall be constructed as provided in Section 7.G.2. (above). A pilot's reserve line may not be involuntarily converted (as provided in Section 25.D.4.e.) in a bid period in which he has a scheduled vacation.
e. Reserve Vacation Extension
A pilot with vacation during a month in which he holds a reserve line may extend the vacation that occurs in that month. Vacation buffers shall then be added to the extended vacation as provided in Section 7.G.3.a., unless waived by the pilot.
i. The maximum extension shall be determined by the following formula:
Maximum Extension = ({[(Number of vacation days (as awarded or slid) in the bid period multiplied by 6) + 6] * R-day value} rounded down) minus the number of originally scheduled vacation days in the bid period.
Example: A pilot has a 7 day vacation period in a bid period in which the R-day value is 4:36. The maximum extension is
{[(7 x 6) +6] * 4.600} - 7
= [(42 + 6) * 4.600] - 7
= (10.434 rounded down) - 7
= 10 - 7 = 3.

Consequently, the pilot could add up to three days to his vacation period. This would give him a total of 14 days (presuming buffers could fit on both ends of his vacation period as extended). The pilot's vacation bank would be charged 46 CH (10 x 4.600), but only 7 vacation days would be removed from his vacation accrual.

ii. A pilot may enter a vacation extension submission during the Conflict Input Window immediately before the bid period in which the vacation is scheduled to occur.
iii. A pilot may not extend his vacation (as awarded or slid) outside of the bid period.

iv. In case of a vacation period scheduled to span 2 bid periods, if the pilot holds a reserve line in both bid periods, then for purposes of vacation extension, the vacation in each month shall be treated as if it were a separate vacation period.

Example: A pilot's 10 day vacation period has 7 days in one bid period and 3 days in the next. The pilot holds a reserve line in both bid periods. R-day value in the first bid period is 4:36; in the second it is 4:47. The pilot may extend his vacation a maximum of 3 days in the first bid period (which must expand backward, since he can't expand outside of the bid period). The vacation in the second month is treated as if it were a stand alone 3 day vacation period, for purposes of expansion. His maximum expansion would be 3 x 6 = 18 + 6 = 24 * 4.783 = 5.017 rounded down = 5 minus 3 = 2 days of available extension.

v. A pilot may not extend his vacation period to conflict with a trip(s) that begins outside the bid period of his vacation as awarded or slid.
vi. A vacation period shall not be extended to cause conflict with R-days scheduled on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve or New Year's Day.

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