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Originally Posted by Pedro4President View Post
I think most would agree that 201.5+50 FTD is too little and 1500 is a bit excessive.

The negative with the 1500 is guys with time and DUIs, high fail rates, incidents and FAA violations are getting looked at and hired because of the lack of 1500 hr guys with a clean record and very little bust.
You can get 1000 hours instructing in 1 year so anyone complaining that it "takes too long" is probably picking QOL as an instructor over building time. Which is totally understandable, but really you should get at least 1 year experience under your belt as a true PIC before hoping into passenger jets.

1000 hours for college grads is perfect, even though the training they receive really isn't THAT much better than a 61/141 school. (and that comment comes from someone who got an aviation degree with a R-ATP)

Anything over 1000 is a little bit extra but really is does no harm. Also, nothing will be done to stop a DUI or high failures from getting through the industry in todays world with retirements. I've met some good pilots though with 4+ failures and I've met guys with 10+ years after their DUI that learned from it and are actually great guys. Don't be quick to judge. I think most airlines do good jobs of weeding out at interviews or in training, but then again you're right....someone else will pick up the tab at another regional if you fail out/don't get picked. I won't post names but we all know what airline.

Nothing Congress can do about that.
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