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Gets Weekends Off
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Originally Posted by UG335 View Post
Since every airline is different, how long does it take an FO to hold full weekends off?
Just my perspective.

I have just cracked the top 150 in SEA (over 10 yrs) and I can only hold ALL weekends off if there is somethung seriously wrong with the line (red eyes, early shows, 12 days off, etc.). You have two strategies when bidding at Alaska in SEA as a 10 year FO wanting weekends off. You can either bid absolute crap trips with your weekends off. Or you can bid nice trips with some of your days off (i.e sundays off) and hope you can trade. The later strategy works better if you would like weekends off but you don't NEED weekends off. If you need weekends off (like me-I have a wife that works weekends with no family around for babysitting) you end up flying lots of crap trips because trading...especially for weekends off is far from reliable. The pilots that are initially holding descent trips AND weekends off are easily 15 years plus. As far as flying turns with weekends....hahahaha.
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