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Originally Posted by born2aviate View Post
What's "good pay" is it better than ANA? Is this a good deal for a young guy with no family who lives in LA? Must you commute or can you live in Taiwan? Are there many expats jumping to go there?
I work for EVA now and if anyone needs a reference can contact me. We can do share the reference bonus that I'd get from the Contract Agency. APAS is a the better choice if you wanna go through them since they are based in Taiwan.

Good pay is about 6K a month net plus 2000-3000 for perdiem and overtime on the 777. You get one month salary as a bonus plus profit bonus yearly which is about 2-3K. That is the pay. Also, expect to get about 6 k back in tax refund each year. Training pay is about 5200 minus taxes for the first 5-6 months. The type rating is free, though you do sign a bond for 30k for 3 years.

You can commute anywhere on EVA flight, first class seat for jumpseater on a confirmed basis, unless you commute to Japan, KL etc might have to seat in cockpit. But you can live in Taiwan, no need to commute, but have to stay at the EVA dorm(company provided accommodation which is like a studio apartment).

I think it is a great deal for single guys, life in Taiwan is great, cost of living is very low and healthcare is great. People are really nice and humble. For a single guy i'd say its great, good night life etc.

The flying culture is strict, stick to the SOP and fly safe that is all. Stick to the books simple as that. Opportunity to upgrade within 4-5 years on A321 and 6-7 years on widebody. There are expats from approximately 40 different countries working here. At times it is easier to fly with the locals then with the expats. But it all depends. but pretty good group I'd say.

ANA and other airlines are good too. But depends what you want, if you are looking for money, EVA may not be the good choice. If you looking for a long term stable career, EVA is a great choice.
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