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Originally Posted by FlyerJosh View Post
Safety culture starts at the top.

Totally agree with you! Obviously, there are many other mission considerations that don't apply to the airline world, but the concept of safety does. So please don't misundertand me on this point.
However, Without something other than a paper log, I can't bring bring a better solution to my higher command. Command pressure has always been a big problem in the military because usually the aviator is junior in rank and experience and won't call time out when they're exhausted. We see this in the early stages of a civilian flying career. Everytime there's an accident, fingers are pointed and mandatory briefings are created. But no tools are given or created. This is because the Army is not run by aviators who don't understand the needs of aviation. We're not the Air Force. Not that that's bad, because we're a ground force, but it does create these sort of complications when you're trying to run a flight operation is support of those ground-pounders. What I'm trying to find is a tool to give this issue more emphasis. I don't have the command influence because I'm not anywhere near the top, but I do know what "right" looks like and want to pull out what's available to me and bring it to the table.
On a positive note, I believe that our local command would back a more effective tool. We don't have the pressure of profit and therefore if someone with stars on their shoulder has a problem with it because their flight is cancelled or delayed, it won't get much futher than their own complaining and hopefully avert disaster.
So if anyone out there is a wiz on computers and have created something like a personal rest-tracker, I'd like to know about it. Thanks for the help!
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