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Originally Posted by ovrtake92 View Post
So for arguments sake what would happen? Make JAs mandatory? Good luck getting a hold of me. The milk has already been soured and there's no way they can force us to work or answer our phones on days off, temper tantrum, hold breath stomp feet file lawsuit, my day off is my day off.

First off I agree with you 100% about forcing you to work, and I argued the same things with my union reps at DAL. They told me what I am now telling you. The issue is not what you as an individual do, but what the group collectively does. This is fairly easy for the company to prove even without the paper/electronic trail that has already been promulgated.

As to what would happen - who knows, each situation is different but if the past is any indication this is my best guess.

First off - the company will take legal action to try to win a judgement and/or injunction.

Eventually both sides will come together and conclude a deal and the judgment will be waived as part of the agreement. This is how most other cases have gone but it does not mean that Spirit will follow this path.

So far so good, now here is the bad part. If the company does win a judgement that will go directly to the companies side of the ledger. For example if the company wins (and I am just pulling numbers out of thin air) a $10Million suit your union will start bargaining from a hole.

So what you don't want to do is give your company additional leverage that will be used against you. This is why I say follow your unions advice. The market and supply and demand are clearly and strongly on your side. Hell I bet even your management team (despite what they say publicly) knows that they will be greatly increasing compensation to attract/retain Pilots.

I know its hard advice to follow in the heated section 6 environment but a little patience and discipline will bring far greater rewards then blowing off steam on a forum.

Good Luck Guys!


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