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Question Regional / Of Pre-Fixes and Subforums

So, the pre-fixes experiment didn't work that well, as replacing subforums w/ pre-fixes didn't work for a number of users.

We tried pre-fixes to accommodate the request of 2 constituents: the ones who liked the Regional subforum broken down by Airline name (like Major) and the ones who liked to have an overall view of the most recently updated threads in Regional.

Since the Regional subforum is now broken down by Airline Name subforums, I would assume that the constituents who like this type of breakdown are happy.

But I have a questions for the second constituents, the ones who preferred *not* to have Regional broken down by subforums:

Is the "New Posts" type of experience anything that sort of help having a good overview of what's currently being updated?

You will now see the pre-fixes tag to the threads, so you would have an idea of what the thread is about, by skimming through the page.

New posts:

Thread discussing the pre-fixes tags:

You can access the "New Posts" experience on Mobile, by tapping on the hamburger sign and review the "Today's Posts".

Does this make sense? Let me know what you think. Thank you.

Have a great weekend.

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