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Originally Posted by nmarconato View Post

So, the pre-fixes experiment didn't work that well, as replacing subforums w/ pre-fixes didn't work for a number of users.

We tried pre-fixes to accommodate the request of 2 constituents: ...

That's what happens when you jump into the middle of something you don't understand, and start reacting to complaints.

Complaints are the minority. Have you ever contacted an airline to thank them for delivering your luggage on time? Of course not. They only get complaints from the minority of times when the luggage is delayed. Even though the vast majority of transactions are positive, the vast majority of feedback is negative. Which experience should drive the operation, the mass of successes, or the relatively few failures?

Lesson: Listen to complaints, but don't knee-jerk react to them. Learn the environment first. Listen to your long-established leadership. Build on successes.

Change makes most people uncomfortable. Take the time to learn the audience and be sure they want the change.

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