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Originally Posted by tom11011 View Post
Question- The new posts tab- Will you see replies to current posts as a new post?
Thank you for your comments.

Correct, you will see all the threads that have been recently updated, most recently updated first. Across the entire site, so, not only "Regional", but also "Major" and "Cargo"....

You'll also see the "Prefixes" labels, which could help you glance through things and get a sense of where the initial thread started.

If you are logged in when you browse and read, the system remembers where you left off, and, as you come back, the system will display/get you to the most recently unread post.

Have a look. Let me know if this helps and if is not how you are experiencing this, and I'll look into this more. Thank you.


PS - Yeah, all agreed on the other topics. Haven't seen a drop in conversations. But it is still preliminary and high-level, I mean to have more in-depth analysis done soon.
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