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Greetings. I have been flying for the past 7 years and only recently I got my first flying job. I have been thinking around with the idea of diving deeper into web development and flying for fun or maybe even on a part time on call basis. I have been mostly self-taught taking a few courses from team treehouse and codecademy. I am not a complete noobie, but I don't really have any work experience in web development just yet. Most of my projects have been basic HTML/CSS stuff and for practice. I was just wondering about the pro's/cons of web development field vs Piloting career. I have a passion for both but honestly, I seem to enjoy flying when it's casual instead of doing it day in and day out. Wanted to see if there are other Pilot/web developer's out there, and what study path would you guys recommend to make myself employable? Thanks.
One of my instructors was a full time developer at Adobe and loved it. CFI'd on the side for fun. That's the way to go in my opinion, and you might hit it big with a start up, cash out and have the ability to buy your dream aircraft to fly for fun. Lots of those types in the Bay Area. A neighbor of ours growing up went to a codeacademy type school and went 0 to hero in a month or so. He got plugged into the industry and is making close to 6 figs within 6 months of starting that program. Look into that, make connections and market yourself.
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