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Default ATP helicopter to ATP fixed wing add on?....

Hello all. I'm wanting to get my fixed wing add on ratings and considering a move towards the FW world. I have an ATP helicopter with about 5000 TT in helicopters, and a Private ASEL. I have my own C172 and have around 250 hours in airplanes. Can I get an ATP single engine add on for FW? Been told yes, and figured I'd rather just add to the ATP I already have. Would this be worth it, or should I just get a Commericial Instrument add on? Is it really necessary to have an ATP single / ATP multi if you're not planning on being in the airlines necessarily?

Any insight would be helpful and I'm just trying to save myself the most time and money. FSDO can't even really give a straight answer on the add on, just refer me to FAR's which is a big no sh!tter, and those are a little vague.

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