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Originally Posted by pete2800 View Post
How do we move forward? I hate to say this, but eventually you just have to let management fail. As a work group, it's in our nature to identify threats and try to prevent high-risk consequences. However, there comes a point at which you've given management the tools they've asked for, but they're not solving the problem, and the tools they asked for were the wrong thing for the job in the first place. What can a pilot do about it? Honestly, the answer is "nothing." If they learn fast enough for the company to survive, that's great. If they don't, there's nothing you could have done to fix it anyway.
I can't agree more. I see some positive indications that QX management, particularly DC, has realized this. I think even BT at AAG may have as well.

But the proof is yet to come. So far we've been fed apology letters, nothing else yet to show for it but schedule reductions. The true test will be seeing what AAG as a whole does about this.

We can't cut our way to prosperity, that has been demonstrated already with 20 misplaced CRJs. If history repeats itself those schedule reductions will be permanent as they retire the two-fan sh*t can with little else changing.
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