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Originally Posted by snackysmores View Post
Yep, you can lead a horse to water only so many times..

While firing BL is a huge step forward, they are in for a surprise if they think anything is going to change by that alone. Firing brad isn't going to make Q400 classes some how full again. There needs to be a significant change in management and their philosophy of running things..

My advice to them: You might have more success if your director of flight ops and VP of flight ops IS ACTUALLY A PILOT. Someone who knows what it's like to fly the line. There's WAY too many people in director level positions of power at this airline who have never flown a fking plane before. Look at any successful airlines history and the people who have ran the flight ops departments have always been line pilots at some point.
I vote PS for Director of Ops(note 1). You know who. Seriously, they don't need someone who is a good solider and cuts deep when they want to squeeze more juice out of us for the sake of profits. They need an effective leader that can cut through Bull. PS is the only possible candidate I can think of, although I know there are other great candidates within. Perhaps they'll scalp talent fro outside.

Either way, They airline is failing at it's only job. Move stuff from A to B. That isn't hard.

Note 1: Yes, I know it's not a democracy.
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