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Good info. Thanks. Is there anyway to influence base selection at all? Or do you simply go where you're told?
I do not think Ameriflight tells you to go anywhere. My experience: I was asked where I wanted to go and it happened. They try and fill the openings, but you go where you want. I hear San Juan is hard to get, but I think San Juan is growing so you never know.

I just came here and this is a great place. Entry level pay is now at 28000 for the PA31 and BE99. Before I came here I did not know about the pending pay raise. If you are willing to move, it seems you can get an opportunity for something bigger fairly fast. As I have said in other posts the pilot management at Ameriflight is the very best. The ACP at my base says the VP is a fighter for the pilots and that everyone in the flight departemnt respects him. I think good leadership makes all the difference.

You should call Sylvia or Joanie in pilot recruiting. I just filled out the online application and was called for an interview in two days. A friend who also applied was not hired so they don't hire everyone.

Let me know if I can help further.
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