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We made a major improvement to our United app today, launching the beta version of a bag tracking tool that allows our customers to follow their checked bags along the critical points of their trip, from check-in to arrival.

The new “Track my bags” feature is one of the many ways we’re working to improve our customers’ experience at every stage of their journey and offer them a level of transparency they expect and deserve.

With this functionality, customers can follow along as their bags are scanned during their journey. In the rare case a bag gets rerouted or mishandled, the tracker service will give clear instructions on what to do next. For instance, if a bag arrives on an earlier or later flight than originally scheduled, alerts will tell the customer to go directly to the Baggage Service Office upon arrival at his or her final destination for assistance.

Customers can access the “Track my bags” feature under the main menu in the app or under their reservation details. A simple set of prompts allows a customer to find his or her item using the itinerary or bag tag number.
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