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Originally Posted by robss View Post

I am looking to being training next spring and have been looking at ATP Flight School mostly but also heard about American Flyers.

ATP is quite upfront about their costs and timelines but seems American Flyers don't disclose these details. Does anyone know how much American Flyers cost and timelines for each stage of process?

Also is there much difference between the schools in terms of getting placed and earning potential since I know ATP offer a guaranteed instructor placement.

Or are there any other recommendations for schools? I am based in Dallas, TX and currently only have about 2 hrs of flying logged through intro lessons so would basically need to start from zero experience.
So if you are looking at flight schools in ADS airport I might suggest Monarch. Never flew with them but I had a few friends and students that did. They all had really good things to say about it. I know several of the DPEs in the area and they have said when it comes to American Flyers, ATP, and Monarch that Monarch puts out the best candidates.

Avoid US aviation academy at all cost. Same with skymates in Arlington. USAA may have some solid pilots but their equipment is terrible! I talked to a guy going through the program on my way to employee parking lot from DFW. He was working at Envoy on the ground side and flying at USAA and he said that half their 152s are down at the moment for maintenance. He said the hardest thing to do is get a working airplane because the Chinese students always had them booked up.
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