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Default 2018 UPS hiring

Looks like 2017 hiring is apparently finished with the October class and there are multiple confirmations for a class next January. Time for a new thread.

What we know:

UPS communicated with the union in the late summer and hinted they anticipate 2018 hiring to be on par with 2017 hiring (300-324), per IPNN.

The first of 14 747-800's has arrived on property with deliveries to continue thru 2018. 74 staffing has been at about 23/plane.

Rumors heavy that the company didn't anticipate we would use new vacation policy as much as we did/are. This will help with hiring numbers.

New training center being built to house 3 additional sims.

Several here have reported being offered a January class.

Mandatory 2018 retirements = 32. Can't find how many retired so far this year but it is way more than the mandatory number.

No system bid announced or even hints of one. They must do this before any significant hiring occurs. Note: they still have a handful of vacancies leftover from the system bid last year that they can use to hire with.

2018 is looking good for this place. Good luck.
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