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Default AE Hiring 400TT/85ME/$20,000 get a job!!!!

Yep that's right, for 400TT, 85ME, and $20,000.00 you can buy your first officer job at American Eagle, click the link below, but I have attached it for easier reading. I called the school and "Step 4 is $19,600.00". Guess American Eagle can't hire F/O's so they are going to sell the positions....Seems like they are the new "Pay For Training" airline.......and with a 7-9 year upgrade, this is a great deal

American Eagle Airlines

Airline Overview
American Eagle is the regional airline partner for American Airlines, both of which are owned by AMR. It is currently the largest regional airline carrier in the World with over 1,700 flights per day. They fly to over 140 cities and operate more than 300 aircraft. The fleet includes four types of modern jets which include the Embraer 135, Embraer 140, Embraer 145, and the Bombardier CRJ700 and two types of jet powered turboprop aircraft, the SAAB 340B and the Super ATR. In 2006, American Eagle hired 200 pilots and is anticipating to hire 400 to 600 more pilots in 2007/2008. .

Where Do They Fly?

American Eagle Airlines currently operates in both North America and the Caribbean including Canada, the United States, the Bahamas, and Mexico.

American Eagle Airlines and Regional Airline Academy's Partnership

To become a pilot with American Eagle Airlines, you must meet certain qualifications. These pilot qualifications are at least partially based on the average airline industry knowledge base. American Eagle knows our flight school students are well trained and prepared to start their aviation career. That is why our partnership with American Eagle Airlines allows our flight school graduates to become a pilot with them with 400 total hours and 850 hours of multi engine experience.

Step 1 – Apply for American Eagle Airlines Employment through Regional Airline Academy
You can apply for this program if you have:

Commercial Pilot License with Instrument and Multi-Engine ratings
400 hours total flight time and 85 hours multi-engine flight time
Flight time minimums must be attained prior to entering Phase II training with American Eagle Airlines. You may still apply for an HR interview if you have not yet completed all of the required ratings or flight time. Ask an RAA counselor for details.

Step 2 – Interview Prep Course - $600.00
The Interview Prep Course is designed to help you determine that you are ready to apply to the airline, and prepare you to pass the airline interview. There is a nominal charge of $600.00 to complete this course, but it is the only fee you must pay unless you are accepted for employment by American Eagle Airlines. If accepted, you may proceed to step 4.

Step 3 – Interview with American Eagle Airlines
You will be interviewed for a full time job with American Eagle Airlines. If accepted for employment by American Eagle Airlines, you will be offered a job contingent on completion of training as described below.

Step 4 – American Eagle Direct Track and
New Hire Training

Phase I – American Eagle Airlines Direct Track Course (Call for tuition) (IT'S $20,000.00)
This program combines RAA’s successful Airline Transition Course, a generic program designed to prepare a student for the training and operations of today’s regional jet operations, with the American Eagle Airlines specific operations, procedures, ERJ aircraft systems, and crew concepts. Completion of this program qualifies the candidate with the required hours of flight and multi-engine for immediate hiring by American Eagle Airlines without requiring additional flight time to meet hiring minimums. Students will be conditionally hired by the airline prior to completing the course.

Planned for 100+hours of ground training and a total of 76 hours crew training /38 hours Pilot Flying training in transport jet FTDs and ERJ simulator.

Week 1 and 2: ATP weather / ATP performance / FAA Regulations / Instrument and Chart Review / Severe Weather / Airline Operations / Crew Resource Management / Safety of flight operations, equipment & systems / Transport Category aircraft systems / FTD Instrument Evaluation

Week 3: Airline Specific ERJ Aircraft Systems / Airlines specific ERJ checklists and procedures / Airline specific ERJ equipment / PF, PNF Duties and Responsibilities / ERJ Aircraft Limitations

Week 4 and 5: ATP Written Exam / Airline specific ERJ Aircraft Systems continued / ERJ System abnormal operations / ERJ QRH and Crew Concepts in abnormal situations / FTD Training – Normal & Abnormal Operations

Week 6: FTD Training – Review, LOFT, Proficiency Check / End of Course Written Exam / Interview & Resume Prep and Final Practice Interview

Week 7: Simulator Differences Training / Level D Simulator – Normal & Abnormal Procedures and Airline Specified Additional FTD Training

Phase II – American Eagle Airlines Basic Indoc and New Hire Training
Following successful completion of Phase I, you will proceed to the American Eagle Training Center in Dallas, TX to begin your training with American Eagle Airlines and date of hired (DOH) is assigned.
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