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Originally Posted by OuterMarker View Post
It's been a few years, but it was a place to get your ATP knocked out quick and cheap. Two days and $1200, plus ($700 ) for the DPE, probably $1000 by now? By the way, the DPE I got was no Santa Claus. The ground portion was over 2 hours. He covered every aircraft system in detail, plus performance calculation. And he was just as demanding during the ride.

But I guess no one gets their ATP like that anymore, now that the ATP rules have changed? Judging from what I read on these forums, most get it at a Regional these days?
I was thinking about getting my multi commercial add on there after I get my single commercial. Can't beat the price per hour with plane and instructor.

So they don't have an on staff examiner huh? Or they do and he's just hard? Or maybe he was just that way for the ATP.
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